This course introduces participants to the international cocoa industry from the point of view of producers. It begins with a general overview of the international cocoa market, laying out the structure of its supply chain and introducing some of the major multinational actors active within it, with a particular focus on the competitive nature of the industry. It then moves on to discuss the basics of contracting and shipping cocoa, providing producers with knowledge of some key contract terms and introducing some procedures available for dispute resolution, as well as laying out the correct way of preparing cocoa for shipment in accordance with the buyer's needs. Finally, the course discusses the crucial issue of quality, giving producers with the necessary tools to identify and assess the key quality criteria for cocoa and providing some tips to achieve a better quality crop.

After having completed this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the roles of the different actors within the international cocoa supply chain;
  • Understand the key contractual terms for the cocoa industry, as well as how to use them; and
  • Evaluate some of the main "do's and dont's" in producing a quality cocoa crop.

  • NOTE: We recommend using the latest version of the Chrome or Safari browsers to ensure an optimal experience viewing the lectures..


    Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.

Module 1: Introduction to the Cocoa Industry
Module 2: Contracting and Shipping
Module 3: Quality and Cocoa
Final Quiz